Hi Jettie, Just wanted to say hi and let you know that little Bella (tabitha) is doing great and has adjusted to her new home beautifully. She is spoiled of courseÖ.(I kiss her 100 times a day!) and she sleeps in a playpen - right next to our bed at night! She is growing by leaps and bounds! She's 4 months old now, and weighs about 19 pounds. She has loved from day one, this organic dog food I have been feeding her, by the Blue Buffalo company- it doesn't contain animal by-products- and is loaded with healthy vitamins. So thank goodness for that. She was potty trained- leash trained and sits, shakes and lays down - after just one week! Talk about a smart lil baby. She of course, still loves to be held and I love that about her! She goes for daily walks around the neighborhood, and she is the first chow I have ever seen that loves the water. She loves baths, and loves to run thru the sprinklers with me! So much of who she is - is a such a tribute to you! You breed the absolute most beautiful and social chow chows I have ever seen! Everyone who sees her can't believe how beautiful- healthy - and social she is. I always attribute that back to you, and the love and nuturing that you and your friend- give to your puppies. What a difference it makes- in setting the stage, for who they will become! Thank you for setting all those good things in motion for us. She has been the biggest blessing to us, and we love her so much-we can't bring ourselves to be away from her. Take care and keep in touch! Love Martha Angelo
Chow Pups
"Hi Jettie, Arslan Khan is one of the best chows I have ever had, he gets along with all dogs, cats
children and adults with all the gun shows we go to he has made many thousands new friends. His
birthday on the  27th of May going to be 1 yr old have heard some of his friends are going to have a
Surprise Party for him. Have you figured it out he is my best BUDDY " John                   5/16/2010
Hi Jettie I hope all is well with you. This is David Hensley in Roanoke, VA who purchased Sierra born 1/23/2010 from you last year! This has been an interesting year, I have become ill and had to retire early from work due to health issues. We are hoping that I can get some answers to a lot of my health issues so that I can someday return to work. I have attached a picture of Bayleigh on her 1 year old Birthday taken Jan 23, 2011. She is beautiful and doing so well. She is so sweet and still loves sleeping with me and oh...she still watches TV too! You will also see a picture of two chow girls...a friend of mine and his wife from Maryland brought me a chow puppy last June a sister for Bayleigh. Her name is Butterscotch. She was born January 26, 2010. They both are companions and friend and are such a joy and comfort. When Bayleigh is not sleeping with me she is snuggled up to Butterscotch. Both are neutered and we should not have any chow chow issues with temperment. I do check in from time to time on your website to see new puppies you have....they are all so cute! Jettie, your chows are beautiful and have such a wonderful temperament and GREAT personality. Bayleigh is so loving and I never have to scold her as she is well behaved. Everyone at the Doctor (vets) office just raves over her. I have had many dog handlers tell me she would have been a great show dog, but I just enjoy her as my friend and companion along with Butterscotch. In one picture I believe you will see me and Bayleigh so you will have a face to put with my name. I thought you might enjoy seeing Bayleigh and she wanted me to tell you she is sending big hug and kisses to you and wants you to give her Mom a BIG BIG hug from her! Take care! David Hensley
We tried to socialize the other two chows we had early on as well. Our male was wonderful - loved absolutely everyone. Our female was slightly different. She was our first chow and we learned the importance of pedigree AFTER getting her. You couldn't go near her father (should have been a red flag - that and the fact that his name was Mi Kinder Satan!). She was also the alpha of her litter, and she was not too keen on anyone else taking that spot - even us. So, based on our past experience with Chelsie (our female), I was very leary of purchasing a dog I didn't get to meet first. You have made it much easier by all your communication, the photos, and videos on your website. Your videos show very loved, very socialized puppies. Thanks for making this experience no so scary. Based on everything you do, you can tell this is not just a business to you (as it is to some others). You seem to truly love each and every one of your dogs and the beauty of their breed. Colene
Hi Jettie, I just wanted to add to the testimonials Lacy has been such a joy for us. After losing my first cream chow Sushi in July of 2009, I was reluctant to get another chow as I loved her so much and we were so bonded after the death of my first husband. How ironic that Lacy was born about a week after Sushiís death. My husband found your site and I kept returning to it. In August of 2009 I saw Athena and Khanís litter that had been born in July. I was focused on Lacy and how lovely her eyes were and how she reminded me so of Sushi. I just had to have her and when we drove out to get her she ran to me as if she knew I was coming. She rode the 3 hour drive back to Houston sleeping peacefully in my arms with never a whimper. She will turn 2 in July and she barely leaves my side. She gives kisses ( Iíve never had a chow that did this before) and talks to me. She loves playing with our two Pekingese and she now has a new friend, Sophie, who is a rescue puppy of chow/lab mix. They almost look like mother and daughter. Lacy is such a very special chow and I donít know what I would do without her. Thanks, Jan Jan White-Hopkins M.A., LS.S.P.
Jettie, They did a great job in transporting Ri-Lee to Phoenix. You did a great job is raising her to eight weeks. This dog is very responsive and loving (lots of kisses). She is curious, adventurous, but cautious -- a perfect puppy blend. She's very sensitive. I barely have to say a gentle "no" and she stops biting -- not that she's done that much of that. I have a feeling she's got a respectable independent streak, but wants to please. She'll play by herself, a great characteristic. (My sister-in-law was howling with laughter: she gave her a bowl of water. Ri-Lee drank some, I looked at Joia and said, "Isn't she smart!" Silly moms!) We are totally taken with this gorgeous little puppy. I've got a lot of work to do to finish the semester and run the gallery, and all I want to do is play with her, carry her around and adore her. Fortunately puppies need a lot of sleep. She only went out once during the night and started stirring early this morning -- just the right time for San Antonio time. Thank you for the wonderful early work you do with your chow chow puppies. I'm so impressed! Katie
Jettie, just wanted to let you know Safiya arrived in good shape and ready to roll. Sofie is even better than I thought she would be. I brought her to the office on Monday and she is so sociable, which I have not seem before in my previous Chows. I am so glad I found your website. Safiya sleeps all night and is so happy in the morning. I love, love, love my Chow. I donít know how you raise your pups, but they are the best I have ever seen when it comes to sociable, practically potty trained, and most of all happy, you can see it in their face. We will be forwarding pictures as she is not camera shy. Sofie and Carol E. 7/26/11
.Hi Jettie, I just wanted to give you an update on Magnum, now called Bailey. He has settled in quite nicely. You were so right about him. He just loves to sit on your lap and cuddle have his belly rubbed. This morning, he completed his first "full lap" of his walk. Three neighbors stopped, on their way to work, to ooh and aah over him. He and Brennan play non-stop. They have formed quite the harmonious relationship. Here one is, the other is close at hand. I just stop and have to watch them. We got the paperwork for the AKC registration. He is formally registered as: Wendell Bailey's Magnum Jewel I've included a portrait from a session he had last Friday. I hope all is well with you. Doug P. 8/29/2011
Jetti, this is Chad Bauer I bought Captain from youin January 2010. His new name is Chewy. this pic was taken when he was six months old. Chewy has been a Great addition to our family!! Chad B. 8/20/2011
Hi Jettie. I sent an email via the puppyfind web site but waasn't sure it went through. Ra has been at home here in Tucson for a week now and he has adjusted very well. He gives the cat a hard time but he is growing by leaps and bounds and loves to play tug of war with his 100 or so toys. He gets lots of loving and attention everyday and I will say that the 27 hrs in the car and the 1700 plus miles driven to get him was well worth it. Don't be offended though if I say i'm not ready to see TX again for a very long time. I can tell already that he is going to grow up and be a magnificent Chow Chow. He is smart too for his age. D has taken albums full of pictures and we will send some to you and let you know of his adventures in life as they occur. Thanks for allowing him to come into my life. He can't replace Loki but he sure brings a smile to my heart. Larry, D and Ra 8/29/2011
UPDATE ON RA AND LARRY!! Ra had his 8 week shots today. He has gained 2 lbs, 7 oz since we got him. And yesterday was his b'day so he got extra treats. He passed his temperament tests last week and starts training on teh 14th. He will be trained as a therapy dog so he can go everywhere with me. Once again, thx for bringing him into my life.
Hi Jettie: Its the Kavanaghs from Southern California! Parents of super adorable, healthy and playful Gypsy! We have been busy with some much needed renovations to the house and the raising of our baby girl Gypsy. She is just perfect! At four and a half months, she weighed in at 26.3 lbs. She is very healthy and is good to go with training. We already have the basics down: potty training done after just 1 week, she sits, stays, shakes and gives air kisses. The come is very hesitant - truly a chow chow. The brush is not her best friend right now, but we are working to change that. I have taken pictures to send you, just have not gotten around to it. She is growing by leaps and bounds. The vet thinks she will be around 50 lbs. That's about the same size of our other three chows.She loves to play, chase birds and would love to taste lizards! Getting dirty is right up her alley; chasing everything that moves. Also...she loves to play ball! None of our other three did that! She also loves to cuddle and actually demands to be petted. Gypsy lives the "life of Riley" as they say. She is not having to endure hours of work to be a show dog like her sisters! She spends he time eating, playing, sleeping and cuddling. She has perfect control of us and we adore her! Thank you again Jettie for a true cutie. dani kavanagh and family 3/24/2012
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